The Pros and Cons of In-House Agencies vs Full Service Agencies

When it comes to marketing, businesses have two options: an in-house team or a full-service agency. An in-house team will work on your brand 100 percent of the time, giving you more control over the process. However, an agency's experience is invaluable and can offer a breadth of knowledge and skill set that an in-house team may not have. We list 8 key benefits of partnering with a marketing agency, as well as the pros and cons of both options. Full-Service Marketing Agencies Offer More Than Just Marketing.

By hiring marketing agencies, the company gains access to search engine optimization (SEO) experts, professional content writers, graphic designers, social media professionals, and web design professionals. The cost of maintaining and hiring an in-house sales team can be costly, especially for smaller or promising companies. One of the most important benefits of hiring a marketing agency is profitability. In addition to offering unparalleled experience, breadth of knowledge, and a valuable skill set, a marketing agency is often more affordable than hiring an in-house team of full-time marketers. As mentioned earlier, creating an in-house marketing team helps keep your data safe within the organization; you don't have to share customer or company data with third party agencies for any reason. Statistics from Adweek show that companies of all sizes have reduced creative content production costs by more than 30% simply by shifting responsibility from external agency partners to in-house marketing and creative teams.

As presented in the Journal of Marketing Management, inefficient communication between a company and an agency is one of the main reasons for slow execution and low productivity in a client-agency collaboration. The diversity of skills achieved with an agency results in better collaboration and innovation, helping you create and execute a marketing plan that converts. Basically, the fatal mistake for some companies is that they limited and isolated marketing knowledge within the in-house marketing department or digital agencies. In addition to the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house marketing team, you also have marketing software expenses. A digital marketing company often has skills that internal teams can't match, especially the internal marketing teams of small and medium-sized businesses. However, if you don't have many employees, it may make more financial sense to hire a professional marketing agency and benefit from their experience and the tools they have at hand. The agency's marketing debate can be tricky because the loss of team members can delay and hurt your marketing efforts.

If your organization has the resources and capacity to recruit, appoint, and train efficient employees for its internal marketing team, then having in-house salespeople may not be a bad option. Of course, a digital marketing agency will get used to your brand over time, but it will take longer than someone else at home. If you are hesitant to spend money on agency fees, take a moment to think about the monetary savings you achieve with all the agency's experience. In addition, statistics from LinkedIn analysis show that marketing roles had the highest turnover rate, with 17% compared to other roles. If you work for a marketing agency, you need to build strong relationships with your customers for several reasons. You can have a marketing person who works in-house who can communicate and collaborate with the marketing agency; this way you can get the best of both worlds.

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